Site Cleanup

Our team is always happy to know that our clients’ business is growing and expanding. Remodeling, reconstruction and widening spaces sound exciting. The construction process is necessary and worth it but this can leave a pretty big mess. Construction workers and contractors can clear out after the project is done but who will take care of what’s left behind? Who will make the office "move-in ready"? 

Dusty newly installed glass windows, dirty shoe prints from contractors working in and out and construction materials and debris; all these and more are post-construction challenges. Post-construction materials can be dangerous and difficult to clean. It would require time for an amateur to clean the construction-related mess. And it will need the right skills and equipment to do a thorough cleaning. These may need professional help. 

Here’s the good news: we can help. Call Coastal to clean up the dust and dirt left behind. We will make the office look and feel as clean and new as it should!

Coastal is one call away to help you clean and prepare your newly constructed establishment. We make sure that everything is clean, ready and set for your staff to move in. Post-construction can be a mess but we can fix this for you. From new carpets, light fixtures, baseboards, and ledges, our experts keep everything clean down to the last detail. Remaining construction debris and wall dust are also neatly removed. It might mean additional cleaning to make sure that the new space is tidy neat and in order. There is a need to remove the inevitable large numbers of dust and might take daily visits to clear away construction materials. Regardless of your needs, we have the experience, equipment, and staff to handle it for you.

So moving soon? Whether you are moving out of your commercial space, relocating staff or moving into a new office, let Coastal clean the carpet, windows and do the detail work that will make everyone feel great about the space!