Our Board of Directors

Coastal Business Group greatly values people. And this is why we also gained dedicated employees throughout the years. They are critical to DoxVault’s success. Our company is composed of an innovative, visionary and responsible management team. And they are a call away to provide you good quality document management system services.

Bruce Cramer

Retired credit union CEO.  Served 6 years on the board of Morningside.

Celia Nightingale

Has 20+ years of experience in support of small businesses and small business development.  Since graduate school at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, she has focused on the needs and issues of entrepreneurs and small businesses through direct advising, training, college instructing, regional and state programming, and public policy.  Her work history includes years as Director & Certified Business Advisor of the Thurston County-area Small Business Development Center, as the Director of the Thurston Economic Development Council’s Center for Business & Innovation, and as the Small Business Liaison for the Washington Dept. of Labor & Industries, where she currently works. 

Jim Larson

Retired CEO Morningside.  Jim served as Morningside’s President/CEO for 29 years transforming the organization from a facility based to a community based program.   Mr. Larson was tapped for positions on Governor appointed advisory boards and as serving as an officer in state associations related to the field of rehabilitation. 

Jonathan Pleger

Currently serves as the President/CEO of Morningside.  He first joined Morningside in 2007 and previously held the titles of Vice President Development and Executive Vice President.  He has over 20 years of experience in non-profit management.

Riley Moore

Is an educator and regional economist who teaches for the Saint Martin’s University School of Business MBA program and is a partner for ECG, an economic consulting and market research firm.  He obtained both his PhD and MBA graduate degrees from Mississippi State University and undergraduate BS degree from the University of Washington.  Riley first joined the Coastal Board in 2008.