Floor Care

It is only natural for a business to keep its floors properly well maintained. Clean and safe floors indicate professional, reliable and organized office space. Whether tile, carpet or hardwood flooring, it is a critical aspect of work maintenance to keep them clean regularly.

Clean floors are not only a good striking first impression but also prevention against injuries in the workplace or business. Slippery tiles deteriorated hardwood floors and dusty carpets may cause possible work hazards. Hiring a professional floor cleaning service to reduce your risks and limit liability. 

Coastal has a team of experienced floor care experts as well as partnerships with well reputable sub-contractors to handle all your floor care needs. We provide strip and wax schedules for vinyl and tile. Our stripping and waxing services will help to restore the floor tiles clean and shiny appearance. We give thorough scrubs and rinses to clean grouts. We make sure to burnish out unwanted and dirty scuff marks. 

We also cater to the needs of those commercial establishments with carpeted floors. We have the proper equipment to clean your carpets with as little water and chemical residue. Our floor cleaning service is specifically devised to harmlessly clean floor carpets and maintain its original texture. We use carpet cleaning methods and technology as well as hire highly professional carpet cleaners for the best results. Our team provides a full spectrum of carpet cleaning services. We also provide floor maintenance packages. We don’t just sweep, we clean through and through.

Call us today to discuss your floor care requirements and estimate.